Best of September 2018 - People and Places

Images of Faces & Places in Northeast Wisconsin

The next installment of images from the studio is focused on the portrait and architecture work I did throughout the month. I worked all around Northeast Wisconsin during the month, so even narrowing down my favorite images for this People & Places post was difficult. I hope you enjoy these images of The Fox Valley community!

Images of Little Chute High School & Middle School Renovation By Miron Construction

For this photo shoot we focused on the amazing renovation work done by Miron Construction at the Little Chute Middle School and High School. The blue tones of the school colors carry through every photo and I was particularly impressed with Mother Nature as she provided brilliant lighting and a wonderful blue backdrop. The second photo (the library) is a particular favorite with the juxtaposed angles and curves that really bring the building to life. And I must admit I would have loved a library like that when I was in school.

Aerial and Drone Architecture Images & Photography

Drone photography is becoming an ever larger segment of my portfolio as business and clients see the increased marketing and branding potential. I completed these architecture jobs over a couple of days.

CR Structures wanted to create new material for marketing campaigns and asked me to take drone images of some of their locations.

ThedaCare’s Neenah Clinic on Green Bay Rd was being featured in American Builders Quarterly magazine and wanted aerial images that would allow readers to see the building in it’s entirety.

Headshots, Environmental Portraits, Musician Portraits and Senior Portraits

What is an Environmental Portrait or Photograph?

This is a question I get asked quite often so I wanted to take a quick second and answer it. An environmental portrait is a photo that is taken of a person or subject in it’s usual “environment.” That could be behind a desk, gardening, painting a mural, etc.

So here we have Dawn Nowakowski for Wisconsin Public Television.

First Image: Headshot - traditional business profile picture used for an About page

Second Image: Environmental Portrait - Dawn in her usual environment

ThedaCare’s Neenah Clinic on Green Bay Rd.

If you skipped the earlier part of the post and missed the aerial photos of ThedaCare’s Clinic in Neenah, the scoop is that they are being featured in American Builders Quarterly magazine. I took these photos of construction manager Glenn Buntin, who will also be featured in the feature.

Senior Portraits in Appleton - Macy

Another great session with an area senior. Macy was super easy and fun to work with and you can tell in the way her personality shines in these senior portraits.

Musician Portraits - Mike Maimone, Mutts

Mike Maimone was doing a solo show at Ambassador in Downtown Appleton and we scheduled our session after load in and before the crowds showed up.

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