Best of September 2018 - Hopeland Festival

Hopeland Festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin

A two day music festival produced by The Refuge Foundation for the Arts

Hopeland Festival was held in Green Bay with a mission to bring the community together for two days of celebrating the arts. With musical acts at the forefront, the festival also featured visual and performance pieces.

Art, Music & The Performing Arts in Northeast Wisconsin

As a professional photographer that has been working in Northeast Wisconsin for quite some time, documenting the growth and changes in our community through images, it’s clear that big changes have occurred over the past few years. Our community has always embraced the arts, don’t misunderstand. But the explosion of talent, festivals, productions, and installments during the last decade show an ongoing commitment and passion to supporting and promoting the arts that is transforming the soul of our community. And it’s across the board. From people going to events and buying local art to businesses hiring local artists to create installments and corporate sponsorship of community events. It’s a great time to call The Fox Valley and Green Bay home.

Images of Hopeland Festival

First up are images of the performances. I’ve got to say, I love what I do. Hang out for two days listening to great music and taking pictures, it was exhausting…

Environmental Portraits of Hopeland Festival Musicians & Artists

During the festival I spent time with the artists and musicians and took head-shots and environmental portraits.