Catalyst Confession

I have a confession to make...

It was Thursday... I mentioned to a friend that I wasn't planning on going to Catalyst Art Show on Saturday because I was busy and I wanted to spend the night at home with my family. That friend responded back wisely, (something to the effect of) "Graham, I love your family too, but you'd be stupid to miss this event."

She was right.

This Catalyst was a special one. It was the kickoff for statewide YPWeek, hosted by Newaukee.

YPWeek is a week long push of events to showcase the strong facets our communities for Young Professionals. I'm covering the events this week for Pulse Young Professionals Network (a branch of Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce). Saturday was Catalyst, Sunday a brunch bus with Reinvent Ferment, Monday was United Way Emerging Leaders with Oshkosh Corp CEO Wilson Jones, Today (Tuesday) is SOUP! a project pitch competition with yummy soup at The Source Public House, Wednesday is best methods for vacationing with Fanatical Sabbatical, and the week goes on... Capped by Bazaar After Dark in Little Chute on Saturday!

So right.

If you were one of the wise ones you're enjoying these photos as memories. If you were one of the... less wise ones then you can take note for the next Catalyst Art Show.

Art, Food (fantastic food from Chef Zach Sydney, private chef and also of Three Three Five), Live Music (RichardGriecoSuave, Kinetic Bear, Hypheria), Spoken Word (Alex Frantz, Antix), Beer, Cocktails, all that and lovely company in the friendly confines of T2 Accelerator in downtown Green Bay.

See you at the next one! Thanks for stopping by.