Painter, Pianist, Photographer

Last Wednesday it was my pleasure to hang out with two amazing artists. One a painter, the other a pianist/singer-songwriter.

I spent the morning with Gregory Frederic at his home-studio. It was awesome to see him work for a bit and to pick his brain on his process. His pieces are bold, colorful, with strong shapes and lines. You can find his website here.

We started out the shoot with some simple portraits in front of a large canvas of his work that he had above his couch.

We then turned around in 180 degrees from our first setup so we could use the railing design as a backdrop. This led to the second photo in this group... I used the curves in the railing to lead towards Gregory's profile. It looks like a simple shot, but it was quite the detailed setup to get evertyhing just right.

We then moved to his workspace. This first image is probably my favorite from the day.

We finished out the session with some more typical images, stuff that will work for most usage on his website and flyers for his shows.

He's very involved in art galleries and events... make sure to keep an eye out for him. The next two things on his calendar (that I know of) are ArtHop in Green Bay this Thursday, this Saturday Hands & Hearts for Haiti Benefit and Bazaar After Dark in Little Chute on Saturday the 28th.

The evening brought a different kind of shoot. Christopher the Conquered was in town to play Mile of Music's series at Riverview Gardens.

Due to Christopher's tight schedule we only had the time between the end of his sound check and the start of his show for a photo session. Christopher and his drummer Drew had to eat dinner during the time as well.

For situations like this I get lighting scenarios setup and dialed in... then only use a couple minutes in each setting.

To add to the time crunch Christopher's sustain pedal was shorting out during sound check... Since I had the shoot spots all set I was able to run over to Heid Music and grab a pedal and Christopher's show went off without a hitch! Thank goodness for a quality downtown locally owned business!!!

For the first setup I used a nook in the wall, one light in a softbox from the side, and one flash gelled blue for the background. I love the look of the design in the wallpaper for these.

Next I used the loft area at Riverview Gardens. I've always loved that circular window and the angled ceiling in this spot. I've used it before with different subjects and achieved different results. I do like the look of these. I used just one medium sized shoot-through umbrella, one speedlight.

Thanks for stopping by!