Best of February 2018


February was a good month for me. It brought a good variety of gigs. Variety is one constant that I want to keep as a go forward. It helps me improve as a photographer in all fields, and it keeps things interesting.

As with other Best Of blogs... I'll move on with the images.

I started the month at Short Branch Saloon on a busy Friday night. They wanted photos showcasing their new stage, lights and background.

I continued my work for The Post-Crescent's Good Neighbor story.

February was the month I finally started getting serious about shooting real estate. I worked with Keven Evers of Nine Twenty Realty for my first real estate property in years. I'm looking forward to working more with Kevin, and other realtors.

I had the honor of working with an organization that does some great work for our community. They're rebooting their website and I helped provide the images for it. The project is still in the works so I don't want to share any selected images yet. This is an image from a series that they didn't pick, so I thought I'd share it. I'll show more from the project when their whole reboot is live.

A new restaurant launched in downtown Appleton, and it's awesome. Bowl 91 has a great menu, and is ran by a fantastic family. Check it out, you'll like it.

I had a quick photoshoot with Andrew Leahey. By quick I mean 12 minutes and 28 exposures. I had another gig to get out to and he had to head out of town... so it was 12 minutes or nothing. I'm glad we stayed with it.

Andrew just released a new single Start the Dance; Spotify link here.

On a Saturday night in February there was an awesome interactive art party in a top floor of the 222 Building in downtown Appleton. The event is called Catalyst. It's first event was the previous year in Green Bay, this was the second one. There is a third one scheduled in Green Bay on April 21; link here. Check it out if you're looking for an extraordinary experience.

I participated as an artist and created a piece involving portraits I took at an event in Green Bay, two projectors, half a mannequin and some white mat boards.

For the third year in a row I photographed Habitat for Humanities Fox Cities's Celebration of Partnership event. It's always great to see all of the good work they are doing for our community.

I also fit in some time for some headshots of myself.

Thanks for stopping by!