Music & WICGOT

WIGCOT came to town!!!

To save you the googling... Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism.

The conference was held at the brand new Fox Cities Exhibition Center.

As part of the "Hello, welcome to Appleton!" Mile of Music put together an abridged version of what our city and music can provide.

I got out on the town with my camera and simple 50mm lens to mainly enjoy the evening, but also capture some images for show.

I thought I got to every venue... but I was sharply reminded that I didn't when I ran into Kurt Gunn back at our cars (parked next to each other in the Green Ramp). I had to apologize about 6 times like a good Wisconsinite would, and I've been listening to his albums all afternoon to follow up the guilt trip. He was playing at the CU Saloon all night... somehow I overlooked it.

A sampling of the rest of the event... Thanks for stopping by!