Catalyst - Appleton

So this fantastic thing rolled into town, offered it's entertainment and experience for an evening, then quietly disappeared leaving satisfaction, encouragement and an increased awareness of our creative community and its power of collaboration.

Catalyst Art Show popped up in the 10th floor of the 222 Building in Appleton on Saturday evening. The space that Pfefferele Management granted for the show had a beautiful view of Appleton and was a perfect blank slate for Matt Bero (organizer) and the contributing artists to work with.

I was looking forward to enjoying the evening without my camera so I could talk with friends new and old and take in all the art as a regular viewer... thankfully I thought better of that just before the doors open and I got one camera and one lens from my car.

I was one of the many contrubuting artists (list of the others can be found at the Catalyst link above). For my installation I used 60 portraits I photographed in one night during Homeland Experience in Sept. of '17, 2 projectors, 1 mannequin and 3 white foam boards.


There was food by Zach Syndey, of Gather on Broadway, and Tracy Darling, of Heirloom Kitchen Company.

There was dance, by Katharinaa Abderholden, Amy Ryerson and an unknown to me smooth operator.

There was an "ART BATTLE" where 6 artists were given the theme of "TENTACLES, HUMAN BODY PART, and FOOD"... and GO! Artists involved were: Andrew Linskens, Liz Mac, Kaleb Schad, Jane Oliver, Shawn Williams, and Irineo Medina. A younger participant in the audience also threw something impressive together!

There was music by Kinetic Bear, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. DJ's Jay Be-iLL and RichardGriecoSuave kept tunes and videos going throughout the night.

And all around there were art displays to take in and sights to see.