Searchlights : Found

In mid-August I had the pleasure of photographing the band Searchlights. I am really digging their sound. I suggest you put on their album "Phototrophic", turn up the volume real loud and listen real closely. Some how they tell these very emotional stories without saying a word.

The plan for photography was to get some portraits before their live show started and to get some live shots during their show. Their show was at the wonderful venue in the flats of Appleton called The Draw.

For the portraits we took advantage of the white walls and did some silhouette portraits and some simple group portraits. 

For the live photos we wanted the typical still images of the band members performing. Then the plan after that was to get some photos more customized to their sound... I thought that some long exposures to blur out the musicians was fitting.

Please jump on over to their Spotify page and check 'em out! Thanks for stopping by!