Saint of Circumstance

Well... it's fitting that I haven't put up a blog post since the last time I was a Saint of Circumstance. I have a back to back cloud theme going!

I just happened to have my camera in hand and be standing in the right place, right time (Yes, I know Dr John was in the Right Place but it was the Wrong Time... but Dr John, come on, you're welcome).

I had a senior portrait session lined up for Tuesday evening. The weather report was heavy rain with spotty thunderstorms... but the forecast was jumping in and out of rain predictions for Neenah. So we decided to go ahead with the shoot and see what we could get in.

We got a few portraits of the "kid" in his lacrosse gear. It was 6:00pm, over an hour before sunset, and we were already getting some great lighting and clouds.

As we walked from the sporting stadium to a park with a hill a HUGE... HUGE... HUGE shelf cloud was moving in from the west. On the walk from the stadium to the park I ran to get my wide angle lens and ran to beat my clients to the top of the hill. I was able to quickly grab this frame of the approaching cloud and get on with the portrait session.

So, again... a good mix of being lucky and being prepared. Thanks for stopping by!