Bazaar After Dark (Oh My)


I have to be short on words for this post. Two reasons:
1 - I'm bliggity-blogging when I should be sleeping. Making a trek to the promised land of Kansas tomorrow for a wedding (guest, not photographer). I'm supposed to be driving within 8 hours from now and celebrating/drinking/laughing/solving the worlds problems with family in 20 hours. Pumped. Seldom am I a wedding guest... lots of drinking and dancing in reserve from weddings I've worked!
2 - If I were to be long on words about this event... it would take me 20 hours to figure them out and to only see them fall short of being a proper tribute.

Appleton... you beautiful son of a gun, you did it again! Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this Wednesday night a marker in time... a spot to look back on and appreciate what is going on in our fair city.

Personal vignette... I spent a few years as a young adult traveling around the country and spending time in different pockets of different states. I was looking for "it." I knew Appleton, my hometown that I was born and raised in, didn't have it and I was determined to find the city for me that did. I never quite found it... flash forward a decade or so and I'll be damned "it" is right here, right up here on the northern tip of Lake Winnebago. Funny thing about it... it was probably here the whole time, just needed the right people to stoke the fire (that's you Adrienne, and the dozens of dozens of everybody elses that are making it happen).

<end vignette>

Wednesday night. Wisconsin Ave (WI-96). Three blocks. Family friendly... music... fire dancers... roller derby team appearances... body painting... live mural making... local food trucks, local ice cream truck... all sorts of arts and craft vendors... "IT!!!!!!"