Tuesday v2.COLORFUL


Another mural is hitting a public space in our fair city of Appleton. It's hitting the wall and it will be seen!

Just a half block east of the baked good masters at Simple Simon will be a LOVEly display of art, color and a reminder to be good to one another.

Irineo Medina, from Sheboygan now calling Appleton home via UW-Oshkosh, spent time in the rain prepping the wall to get a start on the mural that he will be working on live during PULSE's Bazaar After Dark. The mural was put on with the support of Fox Communities Credit UnionSherwin-Williams for Your HomeJacks Maintenance Service and PULSE. 

There is gonna be music... great music... food... amazing food... tacos and cool stuff... dancers, with fire... interactive art... body paint... roller derby girls (bring your helmet!!?)... It's going to be an amazingly awesome and unique event, and you'll see more coverage of that here or at my Instagram feed or on the Bazaar FB page I linked to above (check it out for more info!!!).

Irineo's FB page can be found here.

Stay tuned... Thanks for stopping by!