Right Place, Right - HOLY CLOUDS!!!

There is a saying in photography that goes something like "If you want to be a better photographer stand in front of more interesting stuff." (I just found out that the quote is attributed to Jim Richardson, who has stood in front of many interesting things.)

Well... I was pretty happy when a night out to the ballpark with my son's baseball team turned into a great photo opportunity. My dad had just brought me a tasty bloody mary and we were watching the T-Rats controlling their lead on the visiting Tincaps when I noticed the mammatus clouds starting to show.

I split out of a conversation with my dad to start taking photos. As I was starting to get my first photos I ran into a long time friend and her fiance. It was a fun short chat... rudely ended by me simply saying "I have to run to my car to get a different lens." They were understanding. My 50mm just wasn't cutting it.

Got to my car and swapped lenses... started shooting the front of the building. Another rudely ended conversation with a friend who was understanding that photos were way  more important than catching up.

I then worked my way to the inside of the stadium and to the outfield. The great thing about knowing so many people is that you know a lot of people... ran into the mother of a long time friend who happens to be a current client on a commercial job. That was an even quicker conversation! Gotta keep moving!

Then I found my way to centerfield by the flag poles and the bullpen. This is where I found my two favorite photos of that 25 minute jog/photo shoot.

Once I shot those two images I knew I found what I was looking for. I took a couple photos on the way back to my seat... but I had to get back, couldn't let that tasty bloody get watered down!

These aren't perfect or final edits... but I've learned if I wait to fully edit photos in these timely blog posts the blog posts will never happen... there are probably some typos and terribly worded sentences, but LOOK AT THOSE CLOUDS!!!

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