Bernie Sanders - Town Hall Meeting in Appleton, WI

Bernie Sanders supporters showed up early and in large numbers for a Town Hall Meeting in Appleton, WI at the Performing Arts Center. An estimated 3,770 people filled the main room, the smaller event room and a public address area outside.

The line for entrance wrapped around several blocks and totaled over a half a mile long before the doors opened. People arrived as early as 2am to get into the first come first serve event.

Sanders did his best to appease all attendants by speaking first to the eager crowds in the smaller room and outside before he made his entrance to the main theater.

The full capacity crowd gave multiple standing ovations as Sanders spoke against the corruption of money effecting politics, the slanted struggle for the working class people, a broken health care system and government failings like the Flint, MI water problem.

Now, tomorrow brings a different presidential hopeful with different views. Hopefully Donald Trump's camp will grant me the same media access that Sanders' camp did.

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