Trestle Trail - A Happy Story

Confession: I've been to Trestle Trail once in my life. It's a damn shame, but I've been there only once. As a photographer and a somewhat active person I should have been there many times over by now. It's a local go to stop and a real gem of our fair community.

In the shadows of the recent tragic event at Trestle Trail that have left our wonderful community in a state of shock, I have been continually thinking of the light of the one time I've actually been to Trestle Trail. I haven't talked with anyone or written at length about the sobering incident that took place  at the "Friendship Trail" in our civil, humble, caring, understanding, welcoming, Fox Cities.

I keep thinking of the one time I've been there, and how awesome, bright, happy, joyful and memorable it was. Maybe I'm scared of getting serious about it. Maybe I'm scared that the Fox Cities, my home, is now on the list of random acts of shootings. Maybe it's me and my "HEY LOOK OVER THERE" kind of attitude when I should be feeling down. Maybe I'm just protecting myself from bawling (which I'm maybe starting to do as I type this). Maybe it's just my soul trying to pick myself up. Maybe it's me just trying to stay out of the "This is how you solve it" debate... there are so many issues at hand from gun control to veteran affairs to our mentality as a society... I certainly can't touch on the depth of any of these topics to make any progress on my own, so why bother.

Maybe... I don't know why... just maybe... Maybe and I don't know are the only answers I have right now for any questions.

Anyways, the point of all this is to share the bright memory I have as Trestle Trail... a bit of a "HEY LOOK OVER THERE!!!", when maybe you could use it.

These two people are awesome people. They are really meant for each other. They dated for several years... seven or so I think, frankly I don't feel like checking the facts right now. They started planning their wedding after they decided it was time to get married, without a proper proposal and engagement ring from Rob and a "YES!" from Nicole. So Rob game-plans with me that he's actually going to propose to Nicole while we're on the "Engagement Session." So, it was an actual engagement session... for real. These two people are examples of why I love our community here in the Fox Cities. This is my memory of Trestle Trail. This is the Trestle Trail that I know and love.

This is a happy story. They are happily married... and they even have a baby on the way!!! Congrats!!! This is my happy memory of Trestle Trail. These two wonderful people are what I think of when I think of the Trestle Trail.

I now have two memories of Trestle Trail. One of which I've only lived through the media reports, photos by colleagues Ron Page, Bill Glasheen and Duke Behnke,  accounts of friends and family and the scanner playback. I now have two extreme emotional reactions for Trestle Trail, but I keep thinking of the bright one. It keeps fighting through...

Try to keep a balance as we go through this time as a community. Remember the light. We're in the midst of sorrow, as we should be.... but remember the light, it is there.

Thank you Rob and Nicole. Thank you for giving me this wonderful memory to combat the shadows with.

I hope I am able to bring you just a teeny-tiny bit of light for you today when we could all use a lot.

Thanks for stopping by.