Outer Edge of Wild (Adriatic)

Something strange is brewing in our fair Fox Cities... and I like it. I've always been a fan of the strange. Borders being pushed, change evolving, ideas coming out to play... then sticking around and growing. Growth.

Yesterday was a bright day of light bulb moments for me. I started it out by attending a great event put on by the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the TimberRattlers stadium (Cultivate Event).  It was an electrifying and rejuvenating event lead by speakers Patti Dobrowolski and Greg Tehvan. I highly recommend checking out both of their TED talks.

Patti has a fantastic method of helping an individual set goals by realizing what they value now and what they see as hurdles, where they want to go and what bold steps you have to take to get to where you want to go.

Greg has done great things for for his hometown of Fargo. What seems to have been the big push was organizing thoughtful and creative events to get like minds together... getting like minds together to realize common goals... to realize the power to reach those common goals and to push the community further down the path of growth. "Create the community that you want to be a part of."

The event then turned to local change makers. A Mile of Music panel and heads of local non-profit organizations spoke about the positive change and growth they've been able to produce in our fair Fox Cities through collaboration, creativity and a quest for... change, growth and a better community.

Personal side step... I then busted out of that event to coach my son's baseball team. They scored 8 runs in the top of the last inning to pull out a dramatic comeback win. We must have had a daddy & baby rally cap combo in the crowd somewhere. It made a few kids and parents smile. It was a blast.

OK... back to this strange change thingy I was talking about. I post-game coach talk the kids  then get on the highway to get to see Wild Adriatic at the OuterEdge Stage in Appleton. I only caught a small bit of this band when they were at Mile of Music... that was a mistake. These dudes are so unbelievably awesome. I don't want to explain their music because any words I put together will fall short and possibly insult... they are so good I almost called my Dad and tried to talk him out of the house to come out. I was that confident that an old classic rock rocker would have been satisfied by them.  Check out this video for starters!

Not only was this band playing the OuterEdge Stage. They actually went out of their way to stay in our fair Fox Cities for a few days to refine some tunes before they head on to Summer Camp and beyond.

Ya hear that?!? A fantastic, up and coming, rocking three piece from New York... went out of their way to spend time in Appleton. During the show they said Appleton is like a better Austin.

Strange things are a brewing... and I like it...

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