Old to Me, New to You

This story happens way too often... I owe friends, family and people unknown to me the delivery of many, many images.

All too often I find myself clicking away, unplanned, at an event... only to get home, keyword the photos and put them in my digital catalog... and then let them collect digital dust. It's something I keep telling myself not to do. Why shoot if they don't see the light of day? Well the backlog is so deep I'd have to hire a few talented people to make some dents in it.

I decided to start the denting today... I've been telling Taylor (the man listening to his friend play and dancing with his daughter) about these photos for around 9 months. Is this a fall out of deflate-gate and me wanting my friend Taylor the Patriots fan to feel less dirty today? Or it might be that Ryan Hommel is coming back to the Stone Cellar a week from today. Who knows? Maybe this is a start to me digging into the archive.

Whatever it is, here they are... a night out with my wife Erin, son Evan, my nifty-fiftyRyan Hommel and The Optical Shop, Stone Cellar and a pretty dusk sky the week following Mile of Music in August of 2014. The awesomeness of this night can be proven by myself getting a photo of Erin smiling... just a split second before she noticed I was taking a photo!

Oh yeah, Taylor is a heck of a photographer himself. I'm sure he could attest to a backlog of "work" to do.

Thanks for stopping by.