NEON Lights - Vibrant People

Some parties are built just right for their guests, this certainly was one of them. The glowing neon lights matched perfectly with the vibrant people and the spunky band GGOOLLDD. It was a night of stimulating conversation, good laughs and classic classy beer in a can. Oh yeah, and it was held in the Appleton landmark History Museum at the Castle. The employees of the museum seemed to be pretty amused at the odd Friday night they were a part of... not every week do they have guests cracking cans of Blatz while dancing by the "Admiral Radios - Refrigerators" neon sign.

The event was put together perfectly by Adrienne Palm as a cap to Young Professionals Week put on by Pulse Young Professionals Network

This was a fun one and I hope that's evident in these photos.

As always, thanks for stopping by.