Hands Over the Fox

I'll be short with my words on this post. I currently can't articulate how good this ceremony/event/celebration/tribute was.

This was one of those time that I was glad I had a job to do and a lens between me and the surroundings... Knowing myself well enough I probably would have ran through a pocket full of Kleenex for tears of sorrow, joy, support, positivity, hope and reassurance of the great community that we in the Fox Cities are blessed to be a part of.

To keep to my promise of being short... here is a link to a previous blog post where I wasn't as short and I gave my initial reaction to the tragedy at these grounds.

Chad Hershner was the master of ceremonies for the event. Speakers were (in order); Chief of Police for the City of Menasha Tim Styka, Chaiman of the Town of Menasha Dale Youngquist, City of Menasha Mayor Don Merkes, and Senior Pastor at Calvary Bible Church Danny Leavins.

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