Graham Images - Architecture

Finished Images

Before/After Editing

Architecture photography is first created in the field, and it’s finished in post-production.

While photographing the architecture there is a lot of decision to be made, and priorities to consider. Showing the entrance to the building, showing important facets or unique design traits, working with angles of light from sun or other sources, when to feature clouds or other weather, including parking lot or not, hiding distractions by choosing certain angles or relying on removal of the distractions while editing. Those are some of the decision that are made when photographing a building.

After the photos are taken the work to get it to a finished product is done with editing tools, time and talent. The photographer’s job turns into a job of many hats; landscaper, concrete/asphalt worker, industrial cleaner, sign management and more. Grass and shrubs are cleaned up and made uniform, tire marks and cracks are removed from parking lots and sidewalks, litter is “picked up”, signs of wear and tear are cleaned up, distracting signs are removed and more. All done to make the building and it’s facets be the showcase of the image.

Here are examples of before and after images.